An Opportune Time


by Shaun Brauteseth   It’s boiling hot. It’s freezing cold. He hasn’t eaten for six weeks. He’s completely alone, except for the animals

An Opportune Time2018-02-09T07:46:44+02:00

Understanding Atheism


There’s no such thing as a dead atheist. Atheist or agnostic, believer or unbeliever, all are appointed to die once and then appear before the judgment seat of Christ. Under those

Understanding Atheism2017-10-29T17:49:42+02:00

Lost in Translation


The gift of tongues is one of the most misunderstood and misused spiritual gifts in church life today. In this article, I

Lost in Translation2017-10-29T17:31:37+02:00

Four12 Conference in South Africa


The Four12 Conference in South Africa is an opportunity for all the Four12 partnering churches to gather together in one venue, to

Four12 Conference in South Africa2017-09-17T17:29:05+02:00

Understanding Judaism


Of all the religions in the world, three often find themselves grouped together: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. That is because, each of

Understanding Judaism2017-09-27T07:11:44+02:00
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