An Opportune Time


by Shaun Brauteseth   It’s boiling hot. It’s freezing cold. He hasn’t eaten for six weeks. He’s completely alone, except for the animals

An Opportune Time2018-02-09T07:46:44+02:00

Understanding Atheism


There’s no such thing as a dead atheist. Atheist or agnostic, believer or unbeliever, all are appointed to die once and then appear before the judgment seat of Christ. Under those

Understanding Atheism2017-10-29T17:49:42+02:00

Lost in Translation


The gift of tongues is one of the most misunderstood and misused spiritual gifts in church life today. In this article, I

Lost in Translation2017-10-29T17:31:37+02:00

Understanding Judaism


Of all the religions in the world, three often find themselves grouped together: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. That is because, each of

Understanding Judaism2017-09-27T07:11:44+02:00

Sickness and Sin


In the Gospel of John, the disciples ask what seems like a stupid question, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents,

Sickness and Sin2017-09-27T07:09:56+02:00
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